Content in this world?

Today the message in my church had a great deal to say about being content. The Bible advises Christians to be thankful in all circumstances. To me that is one way of saying be content. For those who claim to be followers of Christ, being content and thankful cannot be avoided in all honesty. Having had the penalty for our sins paid for by the sacrificial blood of Jesus as an expression of His love should bring life to the concept of thankfulness and contentment. He has given us something that cannot be equated. If we have a loving relationship with Him, grumbling for more worldly things goes out of the picture. Nothing should mean more to us than His love. Jesus promised that if we would seek His kingdom and His righteousness he would provide everything else that we need. Need, not want! Unfortunately, getting older makes one think more along these lines. I can testify to that. I’ve got more clothes in my closet than I’ll ever wear in the few remaining years (or days) of my life. That is just one example. I confess that I am guilty of thinking how good it would be if I could just have this or that thing–things that I don’t need. I’m supposed to be reflecting the light of Christ in a dark world, not wanting more of this and that. When non-believers observe Christ followers they should see people who are thankful for the blessings that God had poured on them, people who are content with their lives, dependent on God, not on the stuff at the Mall. In addition to that, a lack of content can bring trouble. For example, getting into debt. I’ve been there and done that. Looking back, I know it didn’t make my life any better. Be thankful; be content. I would be more content if I could sell more copies of the book I wrote (more money), but if someone is helped by what I wrote, I am more than satisfied and very thankful.


The life we live?

Yesterday I heard something that really struck me as being the key to the Christian life. It not only confirms the truth, but challenges us to live as Jesus said. We were created in God’s image and lost it, but God’s desire is to restore us to that position.

A little girl went to Sunday school. The teacher taught that God is bigger than we are. After Sunday school was over she went to the church service with her parents. Included in the pastor’s teaching was the statement that God lives in us. The little girl was confused and when they got home she asked her mother how God can be bigger than we are and at the same time live in us. Before her mother could answer her she said, “If God lives in us and is bigger than we are, then people should see Him.” How much more is there to say?