What comes after

I have found that writing a book, getting it published and marketing it is very challenging. However it is also very rewarding when readers tell me that they benefited from from what they read. Since a third of my book, Transformation The Servants Heart–A Life of Faith is about pride, I have to be careful about how I relate that people were benefited. I am very grateful that that is the case for some. However, I have learned also that if I were to rewrite the book I would make some drastic changes, not because there was anything wrong about the subjects, but that there would be so much more to be added that would strengthen these subjects. I am humbled as I read the Bible and discover more and different scriptures that would have added new meaning to each of the issues, Anxiety, Hypocritical love and Humility. I’m sure that everyone who reads this has heard the statement that the more we think we know, the less we actually know; the more there is to learn. That applies not only to writers, but to almost everyone who’s involved in anything: politics, business, teaching, etc. I am presently involved in Bible Study Fellowship. We are studying the Gospel of John. If you are familiar with the method of study in BSF, you know that we study each lesson in four different ways. In the study of John, I’ve felt there is so much more to learn than appears on the service. As I was having difficulty answering the lesson questions, I discovered a statement about the book of John by J. Sidlow Baxter, who wrote in his Explore the Book that there is no end to the learning in that scripture. I felt better, knowing that a scholar like Baxter felt the same. So, I can say then, if you read my book I hope it will lead you to a more profound and deep study of the Word of God, the Bible. God is good.