Climbing the Stairs

The book, Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith is the first step to a higher level. It speaks of three issues that every person in the world faces at least part of the time. Christians are included, and that is who the focus is pointed toward. Why? Because believers in Christ have no excuse for living with these issues in their lives. The three are Anxiety, Insincere Love, and Pride. All three are expressions of sin. For a non-believer to acknowledge this is the first step toward salvation. For the believer they are the first step toward a realistic relationship with God. The higher level I mentioned is God’s Word. In no way does Transformation compare to the Word of God, but it is an effort for the reader to realize his or her need for dealing with the three issues. All three issues are crucial to a good relationship with God or any relationship at all. Anxiety is a block against trusting God. Insincere love is a violation of the greatest commandment as identified by Jesus: Loving God with all our heart, soul and mind, and loving our neighbors, including our enemies. Pride is probably the greatest barrier to any relationship with God there is. Self importance denies the sovereignty of the Lord. Transformation is only a starting point, on the edge. God’s Word, the Bible is the fulfillment of truth. God comes first–always. I encourage anyone to read Transformation and to think seriously about what it says and how it refers to attitudes that maim and destroy. Christmas is coming. Think about this book as a useful and enjoyable present. Many readers have said this book has changed their lives. For that I am grateful. My hope is that many more will have the same experience. Thanks be to God.


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