A day of God’s blessing

I have been selling my book Transformation The Servant’s Heart — A Life of Faith  at the local Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning for most of the summer. It hasn’t become a best seller, but I’m pleased with the sales. Each morning I pray that if it be God’s will, I sell at least one book. Today was the final day of the market. Yesterday it poured rain all day and into the night. The weather man said today would be sunny and nice with a little breeze. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the chance. Following our Friday cell group, the men usually agree to have coffee together on Saturday morning. I decided to drop the Farmer’s Market if the guys invited me to have coffee. They didn’t, so I decided to go by the actual morning weather. I packed the car with the canopy, tables, etc., just in case. This morning’s sky was laden with stars, no breeze, and not too chilly. In the last hour of the market I sold two books. I also sell wooden items that I turn on my lathe. I’ve sold a lot of them, as amateurish as I am, and I know I have a long way to go to reach really good quality products. An elderly man stopped and looked at the wood  items and began to talk about turning wood. He used some of my items to demonstrate how to do it better. I knew the problems he was talking about, and learned much by listening to him.  He introduced himself. I knew of him and his many talents, but didn’t know he was a professional wood turner. He invited me to call for help and instruction any time. Another man stopped by and wanted to know something about my book. It is a Christian focused book and I was sure he wasn’t a Believer. He wondered how someone could write a book. I told him that God did most of it, because He answered my prayers when I lacked a word or an idea–every time. The man asked, “Is it some kind of meditation?” I explained that it was communication with a caring God and listening for His response. I felt I had told him something that made him think. Maybe a seed planted? Anyway, isn’t it amazing how the Lord works things out. What a day of blessing this has been!


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