Faith without sight

Thomas told the other disciples that he would not believe that the resurrected Jesus had appeared unless he saw the nail marks in His hands and the wound in His side. When Jesus came a week later and Thomas saw and touched the wounds, his response was, “My Lord and my God.” Jesus commended those who believed without having seen. I have a friend in a prison thousands of miles from where I live. He has been in prison for 28 years. For 22 of those years he has been a follower of Christ. I have never seen him, but I know him. I know him because of the words he has spoken to me by phone or letter. He shares his life with me, and I with him. Jesus is doing the same thing with both of us. He shares Himself with us through His Word, the Bible. He speaks to us in various ways. I don’t need to see my friend to believe in him anymore than Thomas needed to. We know and cherish our friendship without seeing each other. One of the nicest things he has said to me was his response to my book, Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith. He calls it a “forever” book, because the three subjects: Anxiety, Hypocritical Love, and Pride are really a matter of relationships–with God and with each other. I want to know Jesus more and my friend more and that’s a forever thing. Jesus is always there, although I can’t see Him. My friend in prison will always be there and I can’t see him either.


Face the facts, even if you don’t want to

A few days ago I was mowing our lawn for the first time this spring. I had waited too long and the grass was tall and wet. The mower kept jamming and I kept getting tireder getting in going again. When I was near the neighbors house, a woman I didn’t know watched me trying to no avail to restart the motor. She was sitting in the patio having a smoke while I was yanking on the starter cord. She got up, came over and said, “Maybe I can help”. After a couple of pulls, the motor roared. I thanked her and she walked away. After a few minutes a thought crashed into my head. That lady had been looking at me and seeing an old man. She was right. I usually think that I’m no older than I feel. In fact, I view a lot of people I know as being older than me, and they are far from it. It’s easy to deceive ourselves, but we need to face the facts, whatever they may be. I have trouble remembering names, even of people that I know or have known in the past. I learned that it is best to admit to the fact and just ask that person what their name is. Admit to the truth. One of the greatest facts of my life is the number of old friends I have. What a blessing, whether I remember their name or not. The best fact of all–to me–is the friend I have in my Savior and Lord, Jesus.