Real love or the easy way out?

Today I was listening to a pastor on a Christian radio channel and he stated that many pastors today don’t mention the blood of Christ in their sermons. The reason is that they don’t want to offend or upset their congregations by talking about blood in a bloody culture. To some extent, to tickle their ears. Talk about the love of Jesus, but don’t mention His blood. Without His shed blood, Jesus’ teaching has little if any value. It was the expression of His love for people who don’t deserve it. Soon after that I listened to another pastor talk about love. His focus was that love is a choice. I was glad to hear that because that is the focus in my book, Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith. God’s love is reflected through us if we choose to allow it. It isn’t based on feelings, although feelings may occur from the choice of loving God, people, even our enemies. The first pastor said to avoid listening to those who refuse to bring Christ’s blood to the front. Without it, Christianity vanishes and feelings take over. Burn with the love of God and be light in a dark and dismal world.


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