The Forever Book

Although my book, Transformation, is not a best seller (I wish), it has done in part what I intended and hoped for. One reader called me and wanted to talk about the content of the book and ended up accepting Christ as his Savior. We have become good friends as brothers in Christ. Another friend, who is serving a life sentence for murder, called the book a “Forever Book” because the content is such that it will never lose its value in the life of a believer. This man has been a Christian for 20 years in 28 years of imprisonment and uses Transformation as a study for other inmates. I am grateful for both of these men. The book has been used in two Bible studies and I’ve been asked to create a study guide for other groups that might want to do the same thing. There are other stories I could tell, but these are the best. My prison friend recently was transferred to another prison because of problems where he was. His new abode is not where he wanted to be and he was discouraged when he found he had to transfer. However, he is ecstatic because he has an opportunity to share the gospel with countless men who need to hear it desperately. I think of Paul, whose ministry was multiplied in prison, even to “Caesar’s household.” I refer to the book as “our book” because without the help of the Lord and several friends it wouldn’t exist. Also, those who have benefited from it are also a part of it.


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