Living what you wrote about

My book, Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith talks about three issues that can affect a relationship with God. The issues are anxiety, sincere love and pride. Any one who has published a book knows it can require a big investment; The content should present the meaning in a loving, encouraging and helpful way, and depending on the results, it can overwhelm the author with an attitude of pride. Think about it. Marketing can dump the author into a sea of anxiety. The meaning of the content can be taken wrong, so its crucial that the author express his intent in a careful, loving way. If the book sells well, pride can take over. Transformation is a challenge to me to live up to what I have written. I have to confess that I have had to deal with anxiety and pride. The responce to my book has been quite positive with one exception. The intent is to motivate people to think about their relationship with God and examine their hearts. God wants a good relationship with all believers. He provides ways in which they can restore a broken relationship or improve a mediocre one. The thing that I could really be proud of is that one reader gave his heart to Christ. However, it wasn’t me who orchestrated that. It was God. I was only used by Him through His grace. To deny that we, as believers, don’t worry is foolishness. Anxiety can separate us from God and that is a sin. The point is, what do we do about it? For the believer to be critical damages the commandment to love God and our neighbors. Pride sneaks in so subtlely. Its there and we don’t know it or admit it. We should have the mind of Christ. It’s all about Him.


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