Feeding the 5000

At the end of every quarter I receive information about how many of Transformation copies have been sold and the money is deposited in my account. The first notification was at the end of February. I was quite disappointed at the figures. I had hoped and prayed that enough books had been sold to eliminate the debt accumulated in publishing and marketing costs. So, I have waited for three months to see the next result. A new way of looking at the process came to mind. I began to think about Jesus and the feeding of the 5000. When the disciples told him to send the crowd away so they could find food, Jesus told them to give them something to eat. They told Him they only had a few loves of bread and some fish. Jesus took the loaves and fish, lifted them up and gave thanks. There was enough for all of the people to be filled, with an excess left over. I am like the disciples, but I want to  be like Jesus. I am going to give thanks to God and wait. He will provide. I can’t complain. After all, my hope is that if only one person is changed because of my book that is enough. More than one person has said that what I wrote has brought change in their lives. What the Lord wants to do beyond that is His business. That should be the focus for all of us.


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