The power of sin vs. the power of the Savior

When I was a small boy we lived on my grandfather’s farm in Southern Idaho. Dad farmed the forty acres, but Granddad had some cows and invented an electric fence to keep them where they belonged. The fence consisted of barbed wire powered by electrical current reduced in voltage by two incandescent light bulbs. One day I was playing in the pasture when, without thinking, I tried to crawl through the fence. The shock of the electricity charged through me and I was unable to let go of the wire. I remember yelling at the top of my lungs. Fortunately my Dad heard my screaming, ran and jerked me away from the fence and my hand from the wire. My hand was bleeding from the barbs, but I was safe. What if Dad hadn’t heard me? Sin is like the power of that fence. We can’t let go and the results can be fatal. One reader of my book, Transformation, complained that I described anxiety as sin. How can it be sin if it sneaks up on you? That isn’t the point. Sins of many kinds often sneak up on us. It’s what we do about it that counts. When I couldn’t let go of the fence I screamed for help. Dad literally saved my life. If we cry out to God He will jerk us from the grip of sin. There may be some damage, like the slashed palm of my hand, but it will heal. Remember who our Savior is and that He listens for our crying out to Him when we realize that we have gripped something that can be spiritually painful, even fatal, and can’t let go. He’s always there to help. Fortunately my granddad replaced his electric fence with one that was designed correctly.