About God’s Timing

Just when my publisher, Westbow Press, was moving with me into the marketing phase of my book project, my wife and I were in the midst of selecting a different home. We had come to the time in our lives when we needed to downsize. Our realtor is a lady who timing is high speed. She was anxious that we locate the ideal home as soon as possible. The marketing program was not designed to drag its heels either. There was a set schedule and that was it. Both seemed to collide at once. Then came my part in the marketing and at the same time moving from one house to another. It would have been fine if we could have just called a mover and told them where to start and where to finish. Fortunately I have some willing friends and family who chipped in and finshed everything on the exact hour we were to lock the doors on the old home. My timing? No. Only God could have been so precise. On the following day real winter set in and nice weather turned to snow and cold wind. Guess who arranged that. Because I am interested in learning the art of wood turning and had left a home with a small shop and moved to one with no such thing, my wife insisted that I build one–now. Bad timing. Winter was at it’s worst. A week later the forcast was at least a week of unusually warm weather. A contractor friend of a friend was available and with the same kind of help the cement floor was poured and set up before icy conditions moved in, but not bad enough to harm the concrete. In the middle of February winter turned to spring and the shop was up in three days. How could anyone take credit except the Lord for a time line like that? In all that I never worried. I felt great amounts of love for those helpers and when God uses someone else to accomplish His agenda I can’t wallow in pride. Transformation talks about all three of those emotional and attitudinal issues. It helped me.


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