The Forever Stamp

Anyone who has mailed a letter lately knows that USPS markets a stamp that retains its mailing value for as long as you have it, regardless of any cost increases on regular stamps. That is a convenience and money saver for anyone who invests in enough stamps to last a long time. The book Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith has a similar value, according to one reader. This particular reader of the book is a prisoner sentenced to life in a prison in the United States. More important than his life sentence is the fact that he has been a believer in Christ for more than ten of those years. He may be confined by prison walls but he is spiritually free in Christ. His sentence lasts until his life ends or by some miracle he is paroled, but his freedom in the Lord lasts forever. After reading Transformation, he used it as a guide for a Bible study he conducts in the prison. He made this statement. Transformation is a “forever’ book. What he meant by that is that the truths considered in the subjects of the book are of unending value to any Christian who sincerely desires to live a real relationship with God. Anxiety, hypocrisy and pride are things that will forever plague us, but the power of God’s Word is everlasting and Transformation is based on the truth of God’s Word.


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