Practice makes perfect

The title of this blog is true. Practicing enables anyone to do some something better. I had to take piano lessons when I was eight. They didn”t last long because I didn’t practice. However, many years later my lessons paid off. I knew something about music and it made my current interest in music much more easy and enjoyable. Although I’m getting along in years I am always learning to something new and different, and although I’m no expert I can do a lot of new things. On the flip side, however, it’s different. Jan and I moved to a different home recently. An important desire was for a shop because I have been learning to turn wood. Since our new home had no shop, we planned to build one. Since I was limited as to the cost the plan was small, but adequate. Thanks to God’s grace, the job is almost completed. Friends helped and a contractor worked with me. I have built things in the past, but I quickly discovered that the previous skills I had had faded away due to lack of practice. It was embarassing. While I was trying to think the next task out, someone else was already doing it. Finally I just relented to just doing what I was told. I think that the same thing often happens to us spiritually. We get so interested in something else, often worldly interests, that we lose sight of what we once knew of living a life for Christ. That’s when we should acknowledge that He is the qualified Master, the Director of the Way; we are His servants. The job gets done quicker and much better. You might check out my book, Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith. It’s purpose is to remind us of our relationship with God and help us practice a life of faith as His servant.


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