Being nice like me

I’ve been amused at the hundreds of times I read “Like me” on Facebook. All it takes is a click and you are one who likes, whether it be a business or a picture on someone’s Facebook page. What does “Like me” mean. The question is similar to a topic in my book Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith. People say, “Love ya” as they hang up the phone or end a conversation. McDonald’s uses the logo, “Lovin’ it.” A pastor stated in a sermon that people can say “I love you” and not mean it at all. When people ask me about my book and show interest in buying a copy, I usually say, “I hope you like it.” I probably should say, “I hope you are encouraged, or benefited, or blessed by it. Those would surely have more meaning than “liking it.” The meaning of McDonald’s “Lovin’ it” could refer to the fact that their drive through is bumper to bumper, to the extent that many of them have added a drive through to take care of the traffic. Someone made a related comment about being nice. How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, he or she is such a nice person?” Unfortunately, many who are viewed as “nice” are not really, just as love is not always true. Paul didn’t say “Love must be sincere” for nothing. If we are going to love, and as Christians, we have no choice, since God is love and we are to love Him and our neighbors. In His love He died for us. Jesus said that there was no greater love than that a person lay down his life for a friend. Too many who claim the name don’t really back it up in their hearts. Read Matthew 13 and ponder the meaning of the parables. They are as much or more about hypocritical action and thought as they are for the positive. If you buy my book, my prayer is that you will more than like it or find it nice, but be strengthened and encouraged by it. Love ya.


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