Squirrels vs. transformation

In our previous home we frequently heard a POP and the lights went out. It didn’t take long to discover the problelm. The electrical transformer that provided us with power was shorted out–dead. A squirrel, hopping along the power line and landing in the wrong place was the cause. Because we had a cell phone we could call Idaho Power and the problem was fixed in a short time. Sometimes our lives, as Christians, become short circuited, and instead of reflecting the light of Christ in a dark world we only add to the darkness. We can’t blame a squirrel, but we can take an inward look at ourselves and identify the problem. God is our source of power and if we are willing He will restore that light by transforming us by His Spirit. My book, Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith examines three issues that affect our relationship with the Lord. The first problem is that of worry and anxiety. Number two is hypocritical or insincere love and the last is pride. Each one can be defined as sin. A reader questioned how anxiety could be classified as sin because it sneaks into your life. That isn’t the problem. Many sins creep into our lives. The problem is: what do we do about it? John writes that if we confess our sin, God is faithful to cleanse us from it and forgive us. Paul gives an alternative: prayer which leads to peace. Trusting God in every circumstance is the solution. When the electrician answers the call, he reconnects us with the power source and the lights shine again. The same is true with God, our source of spiritual power. He always answers the call and is there to transform our minds and hearts. Our connection is restored.


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