Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith

Transformation is a book intended primarily for Christians. The target of the Christian life is to be like Jesus. Why? Because God condescended to sinful humans and came to earth as a man for the purpose of giving His life to pay the price of our sin. The motivation was love, extended in humility and to insure a life of peace. An understanding of what God did is a reminder of our obligation to Him. The root is an intimate relationship with Him. Everyone knows that certain attitudes or actions affect relationships. Transformation addresses three issues that rate our fellowship with Christ. The first is anxiety. The Bible is adamantly against anxiety as an influence in the Christian life. Worrying produces nothing but a damaged relationship because it reveals a lack of trust in the ability of a sovereign God to manage things. Transformation uses many scriptures to prove that anxiety is a sinful act that must be dealt with, as with any sin.


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