Transformation in a prison cell

Paul the apostle never let being a prisoner stop him from spreading the gospel. Even Caesar’s household got the message when he was in a Roman prison. Today a man who has a life sentence in a state prison is taking advantage of the opportunity of doing the same thing. He has been a loyal and determined follower of Jesus for more than ten years of his time as an inmate. He has read Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith and is using it to teach some of his fellow inmates. The question arose of what it means when Jesus said to “take up your cross daily and follow Me.”  That subject is a major focus of Part 3 of Transformation. Jesus emphasized the importance of what He said when he added that we are not worthy of being His disciple if we refuse to or fail to obey His command. I’m sure being in prison takes away from self importance, but studying this in Transformation and related scripture intensifies the need for humility. Who knows what these studies will do for the incarcerated? Jesus said that the knowledge of the truth will set us free; maybe not from the prison cell, but from the spiritual slavery of pride. Although today’s culture tends to view truth as whatever we want it to be, the fact remains that Biblical truth doesn’t change. Scripture is true and Jesus is the truth. One truth is that we should have the mind of Christ, which is defined as having the attitude of humility. In humility He died to pay the penalty of sin for all who believe. Take up your cross.


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