Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith

Be anxious for nothing! Does that sound ridiculous? Depending on your point of view it can be. It depends on whether you put your trust in yourself or in a better and much more dependable source of problem solving. This statement is Biblical and well know to readers of the Word, but often forgotten when the attack comes. The answer given is prayer, expressing a true trust in the God who promised to be always there if you believe and trust Him. As Transformation points out, worry and anxiousness often stem from a fear that most likely won’t happen anyway. Anxiety doesn’t solve a problem, no matter how real it is. The Bible expresses very directly that we needn’t fear. For anyone who will take that as truth and depend on it, it is a great encouragement. It is an open door to solving real problems and not wasting time about something that doesn’t exist or can’t be solved by worring. Jesus said that tomorrow has it’s own problems, and that we should not worry about tomorrow. He gave some strong advice: seek His kingdom and righteousness and He will provide all that is necessary for our lives. What a promise! The point here is, if you have a problem with worrying about things, take a look at yourself and check out the validity of your relationship. Ask God to do a check up too. He has better insight than we do. This time of the year is especially prone to the dillema of worry, when we are under pressure to buy gifts, get ready for company, plan and prepare a meal for the family and find ourselves concentrated on perfection, not goofing up in our selection of gifts, not coming short in the preparation of the “Christmas banquet,” forgetting someone on the Christmas card list or a dozen things that will make us look good. Pardon the cliche, but it isn’t about us. God’s plan is perfect, lest we forget.


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