What’s good about transformation?

When it comes down to anxiety, a critical spirit, or pride, each one is a stumbling block to a Christian. If any believer denies that they ever suffer from any or all of these issues they need to be like David in Psalm 51 and be honest with themselves. But all is not lost. God is specific in an alternative to worry. Trust Him. When it comes to sincere love, the cross is crucial, for there Jesus expressed the extreme love God has for sinful mankind and paid the penalty required by the judgment of a Holy God. Focusing on one’s self stands against the need to have the mind of Christ. One might wonder how that is possible, but when it comes down to it, the Bible is referring to being humble before God. In every case, a relationship with the Lord is at stake. He is soveriegn, all wise and just, but above all He is love. He expresses it in many ways, but most of all by dying for us who don’t deserve anything good from Him. A reader expressed victory over an ongoing problem with hospitality. Just the thought of having friends over for a meal generated worry and a fear that she would do things wrong and be embarrassed. She was influenced by what Transformation said and found that the inate fear has vanished. Her trust and faith in God was strengthened. But it wasn’t what she read that changed her. It was God working through the ideas that were, after all, scripture based. That is the intent of Transformation.


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