Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith

A question asked in Transformation is why do Christians seem to suffer as much from anxiety as non-believers? The answer is based partly on the believer’s relationship with God. Do we really believe that the Bible is God’s word? Is it true and can it be trusted. Can God be trusted? The Bible states that it is true and that Christ Jesus is the Truth. More than three hundred times the Bible tells us to not worry,  be anxious or be afraid. Fear in this context is not talking about fearing God, which is describing how we should hold a soveriegn, holy and all powerful God in awe and wonder. Transformation is not a replacement for God’s word, but is intended as a guide for dealing with anxiety and two other issues that trouble Christians. It is based on scripture and experience,  both personal by the author and through observation of others. Transformation is designed to cause believers of any level to examine themselves and make changes, if necessary, in their view of God and their relationship with Him. Even more inportantly, it will cause the serious believer to seek God’s attention and, as David said, Search me, O God and see if there is a problem with our relationship (my translation). The result of either examination is important if we are serious about our status with God. Scripture tells us that we are to have the mind of Christ, or His attitude. Anxiety was not one of His attributes. He promised to give us peace, as opposed to worry. Transformation will help you in dealing with anxiety by directing you to scripture that deals with the problem. It should help us to be honest with ourselves and admit that we need God’s strength to deal with any of life’s problems, including anxiety. Life is not always as we would like, but anxiety never solved a problem and is often based on pre-suppositions, things that will never happen. God promises us a better way of dealing with problems. He can be trusted. Worry cannot.


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