Transformation The Servant’s Heart–A Life of Faith

Change is unavoidable.  I try frequently, either conciously or otherwise, but fail. I may manage the shift somewhat, but change happens. My life began as a naive little boy on a Southern Idaho farm in the middle of the great depression. In my view we were rich, although my Dad laughed when I asked him if we were. In a sense we were. We raised and preserved all our own vegetables and fruit. Our cows provided us with milk products of every kind. In those days we sold cream (pure cream) and fed the hogs and the dogs with the milk we didn’t use. We ate abundantly of beef and pork from our livestock. Mom baked everything that we buy in the bakery today. Everyone in my family was slim and trim. We worked hard twelve to fourteen hours a day. Dad splurged when he bought Mom a MixMaster for $15 and had to pay it off by the month. Move forward 75 years. I’m now at the point where I am fully aware that my life is close to it’s finale. Am I rich? Yes, but not in the sense of that five year old back on the farm, I took seriously the fact–too late–that my choices initiated changes. So in a sense I can control change to a degree. The first half of my life was spent doing what I wanted. Unfortunately, alcohol had a significant effect of what on what I did and the changes that took place. At the end of the day, there are two results from the best choice I ever made. I realized that my belief that I was a Christian was total hypocrisy. When I learned the truth, it became apparent that that is what I had rejected. The second result was a total change in my life. My life went from descent to ascent. The climb is not easy, but is fulfilling, and enriching as I continue to learn and make choices stemming from the will of God. He is the answer to my fears. He, being Love, has endowed that to me. He has taught me that pride is self destructive and seeking the humble attitude  of Jesus is the way to the path of real life. It focuses on the cross of Christ, which to me was once just an ornament at the front of the church. Changes happen, but the consequences can be incomprensibly good. I have learned, as the Bible says, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.


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